It's in the nature of walking guidebooks to be out of date almost as soon as they appear. Especially in Crete the landscape is changing all the time; footpaths are made into roads or are overgrown, houses are built, new fences are ercted, etc. All walks that are discribed in the Discover...On Foot books are being checked regularly. If you find any changes in the walks or think that the descriptions are not correct or clear, please let us know and send your advice to info@discoveronfoot.com The changes will be available on the website (updates) and added in future editions of the books.

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March 2016:
At Walk 3 and 5 there some problems with fences. In this file you find the new updates. You can print it ad it to your book. Updates Vamos 2016               



March 2016: We started to clean the path between Exopolis and Likotinara (Walk 5). A big job that will take some time! Follow the progress on facebook! 
April 2016

In and around Georgioupolis there have been some changes. If you have already this book, you can print these updates and add it to your book. If you order the book now, the updates will be added to the book.

Updates for Discover Kavros & Georgioupolis...on foot. Updates April 2016 (English)

Updates für Entdecken Sie Kavros & Georgioupolis zu Fuss Updates April 2016 (Deutsch)


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Afbeelding invoegen
May 2016:
At Walk 3 people have mentioned that on page 20, column 2 second line that this fence is now closed with a lock! We had no time so far to check this. In this case there are two alternatives: 1 to keep on walking along the road (not so nice) or to decide to walk until the church of Agios Antonios (or a bit further) and then walk back the same way you came from!
October 2016: Again people have mentioned that the fence is closed (see also message above). For the moment the best is to walk untill the Agios Antonios Church (or a bit further) and then walk back the same way you came from!  This winter we will try to find an other route for this walk!